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March 2018

Bedtime selfie with my boys!

IMG 1079

Baseball is starting!!! 3 kids, 3 teams!

Cason’s practice!

IMG 4861

Pinewood Derby for both boys!  

IMG 1179
IMG 1186
IMG 1188
IMG 1202
IMG 1177
IMG 1172

Connor talking to the kids before bed!

IMG 1205

Kinsley looked so old in her active wear! (Check out the link…our family finds this video hilarious!)

IMG 1207

Cason finished his basketball season strong with mkaing a basket and playinf hard!!  I’m so proud of him!

IMG 1271

Corbin got a new robe!

IMG 1275

Opening Ceremnoies for baseball!

IMG 1286

Pi(e) day!

IMG 1351
IMG 1353

Baseball practices and games have been cancelled because of the rain so that meant Corbin could go on his hike for scouts.  It looked beautiful!

IMG 1423

St. Patrick’s Day dinner

IMG 1430
IMG 1433

Finally, Cason and Kinsley had their first game!

IMG 4963
IMG 5005
IMG 5072
IMG 5091
IMG 5119
IMG 5127

We took our Easter pictures the week before Easter since it fell on General Conference this year!

Corbin took this sibling selfie and it made me laugh!

IMG 1529
IMG 1561
IMG 5163

Easter egg dying.  This was the first year that Corbin didn’t really want to do it.  I made him!!! Can you tell?

IMG 1580
IMG 1588

Then Kinsley wanted to take pictures!

IMG 1603

She wanted me to take pictures of her reading a book!

IMG 5198
IMG 5203

Corbin has his 4ht grade performance!

IMG 5213

Corbin at his game!!

IMG 5219
IMG 5225


IMG 5268
IMG 5280

I thought the kids wer particullarly cute before their practices.  Also, all 3 practices at the same time at different fields! Yikes!!

IMG 1660
IMG 1664

Look at the hottest coach I know!

IMG 5359

I helped out with the Kindergarten egg hunt.  There were over a thousand eggs to hide for 14o Kinders!

IMG 1669
IMG 1677
IMG 1682
IMG 1713

Cason and I got to visit Nate!

IMG 1769

The first day of General Conference!

IMG 1773
IMG 1780

We got to watch most of the first session before our first game of the day.  Pretty much unheard of for us during the April sessions.

Now on to April!!!

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