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March 2017

Wacky dress for Dr. Seuss day at preschool!

IMG 9445
IMG 9451
IMG 9457

The morning of Dr. Seuss’s birthday I made the kids green eggs and ham and also my adult (tastier) version of it!


Cason celebrated too!

IMG 9493

Connor and I went to the temple and on the way up, we srarted hearing some weird noises from one of the tires of the car.  We stopped and checked it out but we couldn’t see anything.  So we kept on going and then heard a pop and the tire went flat.  

IMG 9517

We both wondered for a moment if we should just call it a night but we made the effort and continued on!

IMG 9518

Kinsley had her first basbeball practice and she was so excited!!

IMG 9569

Every Friday night is pizza night at our house.  I usually just do a frozen pizza but have wanting to make homemade ones for years.  I finally did it!!! Much better than frozen!

IMG 9651
IMG 9659

Baseball opening day!  The kids could not wait to leave to get to the ceremonies!

IMG 9689

Pi day on 3.14 (March 14th).  Baseball makes March-June crazy but I pulled out frozen pot pies and a fast dessert pie.  Cason and Connor were doing baseball stuff so it was just the three of us!

IMG 9791

Science Fair is always during baseball season.  I always feel crazy this time of year!  

IMG 9822
IMG 9825

For some reason, Cason really wanted a leprecauhn to come visit our house for St. Patrick’s Day.  So at the last minute I thew some Rolo’s around and knocked over some Lucky Charms!

IMG 9839
IMG 9853

I helped with Corbin’s class party!

IMG 9852

I made a festive dinner!

IMG 9857
IMG 9867
IMG 9873
IMG 9877

Sick girl!

IMG 0015

Corbin making his pinewood derby car.!

IMG 0066

Beauty and the Beast with cousins!

IMG 0078

Reading boys!

IMG 0177

Pinewood Derby 2017!

IMG 7727
IMG 0178
IMG 0202
IMG 0208

Corbin had his 3rd grade performance!  It was so awesome!

IMG 3967
IMG 0290

We went to a baseball game with my brother and sister and their spouses and we got the news that Holly and Jona are expecting a baby!!! Here’s the reaction video!!

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It was a fun game!


So overall, it was a great month!!

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