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March 2016

March started out productive!  I used the iron! Probably the first time in 5+ years.  And I’ve probably only ironed a handful of times my whole life.  So I had to document it!

IMG 7782

So with productiveness also came sickness.  All 3 kids got sick with a fever.  Cason and Corbin were treated for pneumonia.  After them all staying home from school for a week and then finally getting better, I decided to take them to a movie, Zootopia, in the middle of the day!

IMG 7831
IMG 7830

The kids started really getting into Scrabble Jr.

IMG 7861

One Saturday was raining so baseball was canceled and we decided to go up to SF to the Acedemy of Sciences.

IMG 7879
IMG 7885
IMG 7892

We decided to go to a Warriors game with my siblings and their significant others.  What a great game and season for the Warriors!

IMG 7897

I kind of dropped the ball for St. Patrick’s day but I whipped these up for dessert so we had something to celebrate with.  Connor said they were the best cookies he has ever had.

IMG 7952

I was noticing on my Instagram account that I was nearing my 1,000th post.  I wanted to do something creative and so I tried to get my kids to make a 1,000 with me.  Here’s the best we could get.

IMG 7986

Holly had a surprise party for Jona’s 30th (which was so awesome) and here’s one of Kins while we ate!

IMG 8069

Connor got us Great America season passes and so on Opening Day, I took the kids!  We are excited for the upcoming season!

IMG 8188
IMG 8197
IMG 8242
IMG 8183
IMG 8231
IMG 8179
IMG 8209
IMG 8232

Cason had a school Easter egg hunt that I volunteered at.  The best part for me was when the three classes came out and were waiting to start, a teacher told them when their class is called they were to walk (NOT RUN) to find the eggs.  I kind of chuckled, thinking “yeah right”.  She said it one more time and then called the classes and guess what? All these Kindergarteners did NOT run to the eggs.  How do these teachers do it?

IMG 8158

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 We had a great Easter!

IMG 8277
IMG 8280
IMG 8286
IMG 8291
IMG 8306
IMG 8301
IMG 8312
IMG 8380
IMG 8400
IMG 8403
IMG 8405
IMG 8408
IMG 8420
IMG 8435
IMG 8448

Connor and I were playing with face swapping and it is CREEPY!  Only the nose and eyes swap which I think made it even weirder.

IMG 8453
IMG 8454

Got this piture of Corbin.  His EYES!!!!

IMG 2630

Kinsley one day!

IMG 8633

We had a great March!!

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