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We were lucky enough to have Connor’s brother and family stay with us a couple days for their spring break.  Our kids can never have enough cousin time and we can never have enough hang out with the adults time so it wasn’t long enough but it was sure fun.

We went to dinner at BJ’s.  There was a kids table and a adult table!  Genius! 

IMG 9459
IMG 9463

And who doesn’t love a pizzookie?

IMG 9465

The next morning we got ready for church and all walked.  So fun!

IMG 9470
IMG 9477
IMG 9475

After church we had a quick lunch and headed into the city.  We started with a walk on the Golden Gate Bridge!  We took two girls and split up boys and girls so we got some good chats in! 

IMG 4616

Then we headed to see the sea lions!

IMG 4650

Then we walked around Pier 39 and of course got to see some of the strett performers.

IMG 4654

Probably one of my favorite things was seeing the kids rooms filled to the brim with kids.  They loved having a sleepover and Kinsley still asks if her cousins are coming to sleep in her room.

IMG 9485
IMG 9487

The next morning the boys had school and they were heading out to Yosemite and it was heartbreaking having to say goodbye.  No amount of time feels long enough when you are with family!!!  We miss you already!

Baseball Season Begins

This year the boys are on different baseball teams.  Corbin is in Pioneer on the Phillies and Cason is on the A’s in T-ball.  They both have lots of friends on their team and od course have made some new ones.  We have 4 sets of siblings on both teams so that makes things more fun and a little bit easier.  

Here are some pictures from practices:

IMG 0342
IMG 0386

Then Opening Day is always fun.

IMG 0399
IMG 9300
IMG 0433
IMG 0413
IMG 0446

The hardest part was trying to get pictures running from one team to the other.  Then when they were getting their pictures taken.  For good and bad, both teams were schedule close together.  It was funny watching Connor go from one team back to the other switching shirts and hats constantly.  I wish I would have gotten a video of that but I was too concerned with trying to help. Ha!

We are excited to start this fun season.  Even though it’s busy and kind of tiring with 2 practices a week and 2 or more games a week, it’s one of my favorite times of year!

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