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March Update

Since it has been a long time since I've updated, I guess I better just do a whole months worth of stuff.  I feel like we haven't done a whole lot and that we haven't taken many pictures but when I looked back there were more than I thought.  Here are some of the highlights!

Toy Story 3 on Ice

IMG 0944

IMG 0942

It was so much fun.  To see the boys faces and how excited they were was worth every penny spent to see it.  Cason was done about 10 minutes before the intermission and then 10 minutes before the end so it was just a little too long for his age, but Corbin lasted the whole time.  (Actually, he told me he was ready to go when there was one minute left.)  Of course, they can't have every character and Cason was very concerned with where some of the characters were.  He really wanted to see Big Bad Bug, but he never came.  Oh but it did help that we had awesome seats!  


We took the kids bowling for the first time ever.  They went to bed pretty late the night before so there was some crankiness but it was still fun.  I got in trouble for taking pictures with my flash but at least I got some.

IMG 2854
IMG 0978
IMG 2847

General Conference Day 1

We have only one General Conference tradition so far (besides actually watching it) and that is to get donuts (enough for Saturday and Sunday morning breakfast).  They love it and I think it's okay to have donuts for breakfast 4 times a year!  Here they are enjoying them!

IMG 1026
IMG 1035

The Boys Together 

IMG 2825

What?  Don't all boys walk around in their underwear or diaper, with the 4 year old wearing a backpack and Woody hat?

IMG 2827

Playing dress ups:  Spiderman and a knight.  But I think Cason actually is calling himself Flynn Rider from Tangled.

Photo on 2012-02-04 at 09.28 #3
Photo on 2012-02-04 at 09.29 #3

Messing around with Holly on Photobooth.  They call the x-ray one the scary one so Corbin also has to do a scary face.  I think he definitely succeeded in that picture.  

Here's a few video clips of them playing together.

The egg smashing event.  

IMG 1006

This browser cannot play the embedded video file.

Oh and a tip I learned after this is that I should have sprinkled salt on the egg to get it up off the floor easier.  (For any of those that may be faced with this predicament in the future.)

The boys getting ready for baseball season!

IMG 0937


IMG 1019

Corbin has been into taking my scriptures and trying to "read" them.  

I'm going to do a future post dedicated to this but here's a sneak peak of something Corbin has been doing lately.

IMG 2873


IMG 0982

We all made our picks for March Madness but Cason's just seemed to be the cutest.

One thing about Cason is lately he can get so shy or embarrassed about certain things.  When a stranger notices him or smiles at him, he runs over to mom or dad and buries his face in our shoulder and won't look at them.  While this is probably pretty normal for most kids, one thing that does not seem normal is that he can be like that with Connor and me too.  He gets really embarrassed if we catch him singing so now I have to pretend like I don't hear it if I want to continue to hear it, otherwise he will stop if I mention anything about it.  Connor tried to get a video of it once while we were in the car and this is what happened.

Cason has been going to Little Gym and he's getting better at some of the things.  Here he is swinging on the uneven bars.

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