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Corbin at 6!


Our wonderful boy is 6 years old.  I love it.  I love seeing how much he is growing although it seems as though most of it has nothing to do with anything I am doing as his mother.  School is teaching him a lot, and he is learning a lot on his own.  I remember when he was a baby and looking forward to this time of life but it felt SO FAR AWAY.  But here it has come and much faster than I anticipated.  Even though I am glad Corbin is learning so much at school and this is just a necessary step in growing up, I really miss him being gone so much.  I’m sure when he gets older and he is gone even more that will be even harder.  But for now, I truly enjoy the time I get to spend with him.  Sometimes I hear myself talking to him whether it be to remind him how to be kind, or to hear about his day and I just can’t believe this is where I am in life.  It really doesn’t feel that long ago that I was a kid myself.  It’s funny how life is.  Well, enough of my random thoughts.  Here are the wonderful things about our sweet Corbin!

-His 6 year check up went really well.  He was 47 inches tall and 45.5 lbs. His blood pressure was 90/61.  He passed his hearing and vision.  THe doctor noted that he hasn’t been to the doctor in the whole year since his 5 year check up.  He’s healthy and happy and growing and there aren’t any health concerns about him! 
-School is obviously a big part of his life now since he is there 6.5 hours a day so there is a lot that I don’t know.  I ask him and sometimes he is more forthcoming than other times.  We last had a parent teacher conference in November so I’m sure lots has changed.  As far as I can tell, Corbin really really likes math.  He can read but gets extremely frustrated with it.  And he doesn’t seem to like writing at all.  This is where I think his need to do everything perfect is a hinderance to him.  He seems to get too frustrated to try anymore when he can’t do something right the first time.  I’ve tried to help him in that area, but this seems to be a part of his personality that is going to take more than me telling him something for him to overcome.  
-Personality wise, Corbin is wonderful.  He’s a pretty calm kid for the most part.  He is a little (too) concerned with people making correct choices and he can get his feelings hurt REALLY easily.  I have to be careful about how I scold him because he might get too upset to act rationally.  If I can do it in a more loving way, he is usually pretty receptive.  He is a pretty obedient and helpful kid and I don’t remember the last time he had a tantrum or had to go into any sort of time out.  It has been a pleasure and joy being his mother!
-He LOVES all things Legos.  Books, movies, toys, you name it.  He also really loves to play with his parents.  He doesn’t ask us to play hardly at all, but when we offer to play he seems just so incredibly happy.  His favorite books seem to be the Magic Tree House series.  
-He is really great big brother.  He adores Kinsley and mostly plays well with Cason.  

Here are his birthday questions and answers that I’ve been doing for the kids the last several years.  It’s funny because what he said as some of his answers don’t really seem to be correct.  Maybe at that second they were how he felt, but Toy Story as his favorite toy?  He rarely plays with those anymore. 

1.  What is your favorite color?  Red 
2.  What is your favorite toy?  Toy Story toys
3.  What is your favorite fruit?  Raspberries
4.  What is your favorite TV show?  Frozen
5.  What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?  McDonalds
6.  What is your favorite outfit? Star Wars shirt
7.  What is your favorite game?  Lego Star Wars
8.  What is your favorite snack?  Goldfish
9.  What is your favorite animal?  Tiger
10.  What is your favorite song?  I’m Trying to be like Jesus
11.  What is your favorite book?  My Dinosaur Pet
12.  Who is your best friend? Cameron
13.  What is your favorite cereal?  Fruit Loops
14.  What us your favorite thing to do outside?  Run
15.  What is your favorite drink?  Juice
16.  What is your favorite holiday?  Christmas
17.  What do you like to take to bed with you?  My Goofy
18.  What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  Toast
19.  What do you want for dinner on your birthday?  Quesidillas (He made up a word for these called Horhitas)
20.  What do you want to be when you frow up?  A police officer

We love this kids more than anything are so glad he is a part of our life!  

Ski Week

(Disclaimer: This post will be picture light. I don’t have all the pictures from the trip, but wanted to document it anyway!)

Our kids get a week off every February called Winter Break (previously called Ski Week) and so we decided it would be a good idea to actually try skiing in Utah.  We decied we’d fly this time and it was so much easier than driving.  The flight there was amazing.  This was Kinsley’s first time on a plane and she did great.  I think it helped that she got a great nap just before we had to leave for the airport.

Flying on Southwest also made it easier since we each get 2 bags to check.  The only carry on’s we had were an umbrella stroller, my purse, and Connor’s backpack.  (We did check 7 bags which seemed crazy but it all worked out.)  


When we got there, cousins came over and the kids played hard.  I love that the kids get to just play and play and play when we are around their cousins.  

Sunday we went to church and then later had family dinner.  It’s always chaos but it’s still so much fun.  


Monday was President’s day so everyone had the day off.  Connor’s parents took his all to the ski resort to go tubing.    Corbin had a blast.  Cason was a little too nervous to try it but was excited to build a snowman.  Kinsley seemed to like the snow at first, but then she didn’t want to keep her gloves on and when she fell down and got her hands in the snow, she decided that was enough.  It toook her a while to calm down, so her and I hung out in the lodge.  She thought that was pretty fun!


Everyone came back to the lodge for lunch and then Amy and I took the two little girls back for naps while everyone else stayed and played some more.

We then all met up again to go see The Lego Movie and that was so much fun.  My boys really enjoyed it!


Then we had a pizza and called it a night.  Everyone was exhausted!


Tuesday, Connor and his parents went skiing.  I stayed back with the kids and tried to get Corbin’s cake made.  MaryAnn came and kept me company too!  It is so fun getting to visit!

When Connor got back from skiing, he and I got to go on a date.  We had a nice dinner and then saw a movie.  

Wednesday was Corbin’s birthday!

Thursday we flew home.  It felt like a short trip but we packed a lot in and had a wonderful time.  We definitely can’t wait to see everyone else again!

Corbin’s 6th Birthday

Corbin was so lucky to be able to spend his birthday in Utah and have a party just for him and all his cousins were there!!!  Corbin chose to have a Lego Star Wars Theme.  


We had decorated the house for when he woke up in the morning and he was super excited to get to see it.  


Right away he opened his presents from us.


Papa got him donuts for breakfast.  Lucky boy!


After breakfast we got ready and went to a children’s museum with some of the cousins who weren’t in school.  It was right next to a temple that is being worked on.


Then we had lunch and came home so Corbin could have some rest time before the big party!


Then we got to work on the cake.  I baked it the night before and had to rebake parts of it several times.  That was a little frustrating but I think the overall finished product turned out well.


Then it was time to get ready for the party.  Corbin requested a costume party which made it all the more fun!


Kinsley 20 Months



-is the cutest girl on earth!
-talks and talks and talks and talks.  She has called her dad using my phone without my knowledge and had a conversation before I even realized what was happening.  She will explain to me things that have happened to her throughout the day.  I usually only get a word or two that makes any sense.  But she sure thinks she is saying something.  She does use so many words that there is no way I can keep track of them.  She is moving on to phrases now “I love you” and “I like it” are the ones we hear the most.
-is so good at playing on her own.  I’m amazed that she can entertain her self for so long at this age.  My boys did not do this.  I’m sure having the examples of her brothers has helped her though.
-is so incredibly loved and I think she feels it so it makes her confident and social.  She may have a little bit of shyness sometimes, but usually she is just very vocal and has no problems going to people and blabbering away.  
-moves more like a big kid and not like a baby.  She climbs up and down stairs with ease.  She plays on playgrounds like her brothers (which still scares me) and she just acts like an old kid.
-is still the cutest dancer.  We can’t wait to put her in a class and get to see cute little dance recitals.  
-is still sort of taking 2 naps a day.  She will go through phases where it’s just one but mostly it’s still 2!  Crazy girl!
-eats pretty much anything.  It’s rare that she won’t try something (usually that’s because her brothers are refusing to try it).  She will try something and say “I like it!”  Seriously the cutest thing ever!
-has her whole family wrapped around her finger.  She gets almost anything she wants.
-has mastered the art of the fake cry.  On the rare occasion she is not getting what she wants, she hangs her head down, pouts, and lets out some pretty cute fake cries.  
-gives the happiest, cheesiest grins and I love them every time!

We love having Kinsley in our lives.  She is a light and beauty for our family!  

Valentine’s Day

The celebrations for Valentine’s Day actually started the day before since that is when Cason had preschool.  Cason was beyond excited.  He couldn’t wait to pass out his Valentine’s and have the party.  We were in charge of bring the plates and we found some cute red heart shaped ones.  

When I picked up Cason from school, his teachers had taped this sign out front.  


Here’s Cason’s up close.


When I was pregnant with Corbin I was 2 days overdue with him on Valentine’s Day and the last thing I wanted to do was to try and look cute and go out to dinner.  So since Connor works close to an Outback , we ordered that to go and that has been our tradition ever since.  But this year, my mom offered to have the kids come spend the night this years Valentine’s so as to not break our Outback tradition, we did that the night before the actual holiday.  The kids thought it was more fun this year than they had in the past.  I also found a fun drink to make.  It actaully was super gross since it was so sweet but Cason and Kinsley loved it.  The rest of us not so much.  


The next day was Valentine’s Day!  In the morning, we gave the kids their Valentine’s from us and they loved it.  


Corbin had his party and he got lots of Valentine’s.  I let the boys dig into their Valentine’s and they just ate and played and it was a mess but so fun for them.


After the kids got picked up, I got ready for my date with Connor.  Connor brought home flowers for me!


We had a reservation at the resturaunt that our wedding reception was at.  They even sat us in the same room where it was held.  It was a fun way to celebrate our love.  


I love celebrating this holidays with my family and especially my kids.  They were always so fun for me when I was young and I like continuing these traditions and making new ones with my family!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Girls Weekend to Vegas

My mother-in-law asked if I would be up to a girls trip to Las Vegas with my sisters-in-law and 2 neices.  Who would turn that down?

Connor was able to take the Friday off that I was going to be gone and I was excited for a weekend away.  Unfortunately, my foot problems were sort of a bother but I had fun anyway.  I flew into Vegas and I got picked up and we headed to the place we stayed.  My sisters-in-law and I stayed up too late talking but finally we went to bed. I think I didn’t wake up until 8 in the morning and was able to lazily stay in bed!  

We ate breakfast, got ready and headed out for some shopping.  


We stopped at a mall so Allie could get her ears pierced.  


Then we got some lunch at the Cheeseckae Factory!


Then we walked around the mall in Cesar’s Palace.


We then went to the outlet mall and shopped and shopped.  We ate dinner and then watched the Olympics Opening Ceremonies.  It was long and we didn’t make it all the way through but it was fun just chatting and watching!

The next day we went to the Mile Mall or soemthing like that.  We had lunch at a fun burger place.


Then we walked around the strip.  We stopped at the M&M store where I had planned on buying some M&M’s for the kids.  But $12 for a pound of candy you can literally buy ANYWHERE seemed a bit riduclous.  


Then we went to the Coca-Cola store and had a taste test of 16 different flavors of Coca-Cola products from around the world.  The worst one was called Beverly from Italy.  Gross.  


We continued walking the strip and several things we tried were a bust.  This is where it started getting more scummy too.  We tried to go to a frozen yogurt place that was closed in the middle of the day.  What the heck?  Then we went to McDonalds to get some ice cream for the girls.  MaryAnn paid for it and THEN they informed us they didn’t have any ice cream.  Weird!  Then we got picked up so we could get ready for our fun night.

We went out to dinner at a place that seemed great but when we got there is way overpriced.  So we left and went somewhere else even though it wasn’t much better price wise.  But it was delicious pasta and veggies!

Then we headed over to the Treasure Island hotel so we could see Cirque de Soleil Mystere.  I thoroughly enjoyed the show and couldn’t believe some of the things they could do with their bodies.  It was insane.  


I think we all crashed in bed pretty soon after we got back.  The next morning we found a ward to go to Sacrament Meeting.  Then I got dropped off at the airport and I headed home to my family!  I missed them but had a wonderful time with the girls.

Thanks Shauna for a wonderful weekend!


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