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January 2018

Corbin got a metal detector from Holly and Jona so the boys were trying it out!

IMG 9616

Papa came (a little earlier than Nana) for Cason’s birthday and baptism!

IMG 8364

Celebrating Cason’s birthday!

Cason bringing his new scriptures to church for the first time!

IMG 9802

The boys set up their room so they could watch a show together!

IMG 9803

Cason’s first time to cub scouts!

IMG 9825

Connor was in China for 2 weeks so there may have been a night (or two) with fast food in front of the TV.

IMG 9876

But we also went hot tubbing at my mom’s.

IMG 9891

Had play dates with friends!

IMG 9896


IMG 9904

Cason’s first basketball game!

IMG 9909
IMG 9916

Kinsley wore a dress I wore as a kid to church!

IMG 9966

Reading in our new family room!

IMG 9980

Martin Luther King, Jr Day.  Watching his speech and then a hike!

IMG 9983
IMG 9995
IMG 9999
IMG 0005
IMG 0011

They story about the above picture.  Our hiking group got separated and the group I was with (mostly all the oldest kids) arrived to the parking a good amount of time before the rest of the group.  As one of the only adults, I was trying to come up with things for us to do.  Some of the kids were trying to balance and walk across that blue curb but having a hard time.  So I came up with the idea that if they could get all the way across without falling down they could earn a dollar.  Each kid could earn one dollar and they could try as many times as they wanted until it was time to go.  They were all having trouble and then one kid did it and then all the sudden ALL the kids did it.  I felt like it was inspired because I only had exactly enough dollar bills to give to each kid and I didn’t even know that before I started. HA! 

Kinsley snuggling Nate.  She calls him Nate Nate!

IMG 8308

Kinsley had told me she had a loose tooth and then a day or two later, out it came!

IMG 0035
IMG 0038

I must admit that there is something quite sad about my baby loosing her baby teeth.

I got to go on a field trip with Corbin’s class to a California Museum in Oakland!  It was pretty fun!

IMG 0052
IMG 0055
IMG 0067
IMG 0073
IMG 0079
IMG 0081
IMG 0088

They LOVED this room the most!

Signs for dad to welcome him home!

IMG 0128

We had Nate’s blessing at our house!  Chris with his nephews! Oh and all 4 of these boys wore that blessing outfit as babies.

IMG 0163
IMG 0166

Crazy hair day at school! Kinsley’s was supposed to be a unicorn!

IMG 0202
IMG 0204
IMG 0207
IMG 0209

I threw a baby shower for one of my friends.

IMG 0254
IMG 0252
IMG 0257
IMG 0259

We played pool on the mini set we were given for Christmas!

IMG 0292

Kinsley celebrated 100 days of school!

IMG 0310

My super lame picture of the super blood moon eclipse!

IMG 0321

It actually turned out to be a great January.  The weather was beautful and we were able to do some pretty fun things!

Connor’s Trip to China

Connor went to China on a work trip for 2 weeks. He probably won’t write about it, so I’ll just share his pictures!

IMG 8387
IMG 8389
IMG 8396
IMG 8397
IMG 8421
IMG 8422
IMG 8423
IMG 8424
IMG 8426
IMG 8428
IMG 8431
IMG 8436
IMG 8447
IMG 8448
IMG 8449
IMG 8450
IMG 8451
IMG 8453
IMG 8454
IMG 8456
IMG 8459
IMG 8460
IMG 8461
IMG 8462
IMG 8464
IMG 8465
IMG 8470
IMG 8471
IMG 8472
IMG 8474
IMG 0550

Cason’s 8th Birthday and Baptism

Our sweet Cason (my youngest boy!!!) turned 8!!! I can hardly believe it.  In our church, when a child turns 8, they can choose to be baptized.  Cason decided that he did want to and that he wanted to on his actualy 8th birthday.  It made for a busy and fun weekend with family!!

IMG 9650
IMG 9653

For breakfast he really wanted a guitar shaped pancake.  Ummm….ok?! This was the best that I could do and it broke.

IMG 9672

Cason got some snuggles with Nate while we were getting ready!

IMG 9689

At the chuch before his baptism!

IMG 9694
IMG 9719
IMG 9700
IMG 9704
IMG 9711
IMG 9693
IMG 9731
IMG 9745
IMG 9735
IMG 0962
IMG 0967

It was a lovely baptism.  I felt the spirit and felt Cason did too.  He is a special boy!! I’m so glad he is mine!!

He decided to go to Five Guys after for hot dogs and hamburgers.  It was a bit chaotic getting that many people there but we did and it was so fun.  No pictures though!

Then we came home for cake.  Cason really wanted a geode cake so here is my attempt.

IMG 9678
IMG 9750
IMG 9771

Cason’s birthday questions!!

1. What is your favorite color? PURPLE

2. What is your favorite toy? LEGOS (I read this post that the Lego company does not like it when you say Legos as the name for their product, but they would rather you use Lego bricks. However, it just doesn’t sound right to me, so this is a conscious decision!!)

3. What is your favorite fruit? GRAPES

4. What is your favorite tv show? NINJAGO

5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? CHEESEBURGERS

6. What is your favorite outfit? MY COMFY CLOTHES

7. What is your favorite game? MONOPOLY

8. What is your favorite snack? Z BARS

9. What is your favorite animal? NONE

10. What is your favorite song? EAT IT BY WEIRD AL

11. What is your favorite book? MATILDA BY ROALD DAHL

12. Who is your best friend? DENIZ

13. What is your favorite cereal? CINNAMON TOAST CRUCH

14. What is your favorite thing to do outside? PLAY

15. What is your favorite drink? FANTA GRAPE

16. What is your favorite holiday? CHRISTMAS

17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? BLANKET

18. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? CEREAL

19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday? HOT DOGS

20. What do you want to be when you grow up? DOG TRAINER (This is funny to me since he is my kid that is the most scared of dogs.)

His dr stats.  

IMG 0979

We love this boy so much!

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