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Martin Luther King Jr Day

Connor always has to work this holiday so I decided to take the kids to the beach since we have been having exceptionally warm temperatures for January.  

First, I talked to the boys about what this day means and we watched a clip from Dr. King’s “I have a Dream” speech. I thought it was a good way to start out this holiday!  

Then we headed to the beach.  First, we stopped at Chik Fil A to get lunch to eat in the car on the way down.  That actually worked out pretty well.  I was just glad that I didn’t have to add lunch to all the stuff I would have to carry down to the beach.  

It took a little bit longer to get there than I had hoped, due to traffic but we made and it and the kids were excited.  It was pretty crowded and even though I paid for parking, I still had to drive around for awhile to find a spot.  

We set up our towels and headed to the water. 


I had been pretty confident at this point in my ability to take all 3 kids by myself.  But I didn’t count on two out of three of my kids would actually want to get in the water.  

Corbin and Kinsley were loving it.  I could tell the waves were finicky, some stopping short and some coming all the way in.  Corbin kept asking me if he could go further out.


Well, Cason kept coming out a little but then getting scared and running all the way back up the beach.  


I was trying to do my best keeping an eye on all the situations.  At one point I was trying to locate Cason up the beach so I had taken my eyes of the waves for just a few seconds when a huge wave came.  It came up to my knees, and knocked Kinsley and Corbin down.  I grabbed Kinsley and starting running towards the beach looking for Cason since I was worried he was under the water somewhere.  I found him and saw he was wet but he was okay and when I turned back to Corbin he was crying because he had gotten knocked over by the wave.  Another lady ran in to grab him before I could make it to him.  

After that I decided it would be best to just make sandcastales and eat snacks on the beach.  


What a beautiful day we had together!

Kinsley at 19 Months


Oh my girl!  She is growing and changing and doing so much more that I can barely keep up but I am loving everything about it and really enjoying this stage.  I was just telling Connor how as a young mom you are always told to enjoy them while they are young.  I feel like I really try to and do enjoy most of it.  But when they grow and they are no longer babies or whatever stage, I still miss it and want to go back and have MORE of it.  I am grateful for pictures and especially videos to somewhat get to remember it.

Here are some things about our wonderful girl!

-Her words have exploded in the last month.  She will repeat practically anything we say and is using more words and phrases on her own.  She is saying “luloo” for love you.  She says “fick it” for “fix it”.  She is even recognizing people and using their name.  There was a small picture of her cousin, Alex, open on the computer and she came up and said “alea”.  She calls Cason “cay cay”  and Corbin “boboi”.  Sometimes she says “brodo” for brother.  One of her most used words is “kay” for okay.  Whenever I ask her something and say “okay?” she will say “kay”.  It’s the cutest thing.  I love being able to communicate with her!
-She still LOVES her soft stuffed animals.  She sleeps with about 6 stuffed animals for naps and night time.  
-She loves playing her baby and stroller that she got for Christmas.
-She is a decent eater and is similar to Cason and tries most things.  She likes chicken and cheese and of course, sweets.
-She still is into accessories.  She still doesn’t really pick out her clothes, but she does have a lot to say about her shoes, coats, hats, jewelry, socks and hair.  This is one funny girl!
-She is playing independently really well for her age.  I think it might be because her brothers play so well on their own and she has learned that from them.  
-She really likes to play with her brothers and tries to get in on everything they are doing.  She likes Legos and luckily she is really good about not putting them in her mouth so I don’t have to be so worried about anymore.  But she sure wants to do all that they do.


-She loves to be outisde and go on playgrounds like a big girl even though it scares me.  She just goes down the big twirly slide by herself and seems to love it.  She also really likes being pushed in her stroller as long as we are walking.  If we stop then she wants to get out and play.  I don’t really blame her.
-She has been doing awesome at nursery.  She doesn’t cry when we drop her off or when we pick her up.  I definitely enjoy church a million times better but I still think it’s kind of sad that she is big enough for nursery.
-Naps.  This girl.  It is crazy.  She is still taking 2 naps a day.  I keep waiting for the morning that I put her down but that she won’t take a nap, but that rarely happens anymore.  It actually works really well for Corbin’s school pick up so I’m definitely not complaining and really just LOVE it!
-Speaking of sleep, she does pretty well at night too.  I don’t remember the last time she woke up at night.  (Knock on wood.)

We love our beautiul, smart Kinsley!

The Case Man


I love my sweet little guy.  He is the cutest 4 year old there is and I feel so blessed to have him in my life.  Here are some of his 4 year old stats.  

-At his doctor appointment he was 30.8 lbs and 37 1/2 inches tall.  That’s 8.5 percentile for weight and 4.5 percentile for height.  His blood pressure was 92/56.  Is that good?  I don’t even know.  Our normal doctor is on maternity leave so we saw a new one.  We talked about how small he is and the doctor reassured me that Cason isn’t doomed to be 5’4.  He said with a lot of small kids they can be this way until 9th grade and then hit puberty and just grow and grow even when they are in college.  So we are hoping for that for our sweet little guy!
-He passed his hearing and vision tests with flying colors.  
-He should be wearing 4T clothes (and he is) but I have been lazy and haven’t removed his 3T stuff out of his drawers yet so he’s wearing some clothing that is too small.
-He loves to be read to.  
-He loves to play with toys a lot.  Especially Legos.  He is actually incredibly amazing at playing independently.  It’s so helpful to me.
-He is pretty dang smart if I do say so myself.  He’s aware of what is being said around him and so we have to be careful.
-He really doesn’t like it when we are mad at him.  He does make mistakes but has learned to be quick to say sorry.  He’s the most sorry to his family.  It’s harder for him to feel sorry for anyone not in his family.  
-He LOVES school and has been asking to stay there for lunch so we are going to try that this next week.  
-I’ve realized something about Cason and how he likes to be shown love.  He really likes affection and for us to tell him we love him and all the things that we love about him.  That just makes him light up so I’ve been better at doing that for him.  He also reciprocates this and so I have been getting lots of hugs, kisses, cuddles and “you are the best mom in the whole world”.  
-He is a fairly good eater.  He is usually always willing to try new things even if he doesn’t think he’ll like it.  If there is a treat involved he’ll even eat a lot bites.  (Our rule is they have to eat 1 bite of every food to get down off the table and their age in bites of every food to have a treat.)  There isn’t any food I can think of that Cason won’t eat at all.  
-The one thing that we constantly have to to talk to Cason about is his level of voice.  He is very loud at home so we have talks about using an inside voice.  But if that is the worst thing then I think we are pretty dang lucky!!!

Here are his birthday questions I asked Cason to tell me about himself. 

1.  What is your favorite color?  Green
2.  What is yor favorite toy?  Legos
3.  What is your favorite fruit?  Grapes
4.  What is your favorite TV show?  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
5.  What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?  Hot Dogs
6.  What is your favorite outfit?  Angry Birds shirt
7.  What is your favorite game?  Headbanz
8.  What is your favorite snack?  Chocolate
9.  What is your faorite animal?  Hippos
10.  What is your favorite song?  Locked out of Heaven (by Bruno Mars)
11.  What is your favorite book?  Dragons Love Tacos (He just got this for his birthday)
12.  Who is your best friend?  My mommy and daddy and Mickey
13.  What is your favorite cereal?  All of them (When I asked for a specific one: Cocoa Puffs)
14.  What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Ride bikes
15.  What is your favorite drink?  Orange juice
16.  What is your favorite holiday?  Christmas
17.  What do you like to take to bed with you at night?  Mickey
18.  What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  Cereal
19.  What do you want for dinner on your birthday?  Steak. ham, peas, carrots
20. What do you want to be when you grow up?  Doctor

Cason’s 4th Birthday

Cason’s 4th birthday fell on a Sunday and since it was the first Sunday of the new year, it was also his first day in Sunbeams.  What a big day for a big 4 year old!  


I had been sick for a while before his birthday and was just slightly starting to feel better the day before.  For our kids birthdays, we usually decorate the house the night before so when they wake up they know it’s their day.  Well, I had thought maybe I would skip doing that this time, but Cason asked several times if he was going to have decorations when he woke up on his birthday.  Of course, we couldn’t deny him that!  I was very excited to see his reaction in the morning.  He loved it and it made me so happy!

He then opened a few presents!


He said he wanted pancakes for breakfast so that’s what I made him.  He even got to eat on the special plate.


We all got ready for church and since Corbin had been assigned a talk in primary that day, we were able to see Cason in his class and see him getting sung to for his birthday!  He was super cute as always.  (Oh and Corbin did a great job with his talk!)


We got home and had lunch and while the kids were resting, Connor and I got to work on Cason’s cake.  He wanted an Angry Birds Space theme and I think the cake turned out pretty good.  He said he also wanted cupcakes so I just made a few mini cupcakes and printed out the character and taped them on toothpicks to make my own cupcake decorations.  He seemed to love it all so that’s what mattered to me.


We made him his dinner of steak and peas and carrots (and maybe a few other things that the adults would enjoy) and then we had cake!


He opened his presents kind of when people came and brought them and that ended up being pretty nice.  

Overall, Cason had a great day and I loved being able to see his face light up for his special day.  We love our sweet Cason!

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