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Kinsley at 7 Months


7 months ago today, our sweet little Kinsley came into our life!

-She is in 6-12 month clothes.  Once I changed her to this size, I realized I should have done it sooner.  Clothes fit her much better now.  I think I was just sad that she is growing so fast.
-She is still in size 3 diapers.
-Unfortuntaely, she has spent most of the last month sick.  Boo!  She sure is a trooper though!
-She is definitely a sitter!  She is very steady and doesn't fall over.  She isn't really trying to crawl or get on her knees or anything yet.  (I'm fine with that!)
-She plays with toys and everything goes to her mouth, of course.  She does move toys from one hand to the other.
-When she is not sick, she is the sweetest happiest baby.  She spent several weeks sick and the day that she seemed almost compltely better was my favorite day with her.  She could NOT stop smiling and giggling.
-She loves bath time!

I'm epxect I'll see more milestones in the upcoming months.  We sure love our Kinsley girl!

Despicable Three

IMG 3111

Cason is three.  He really wanted a Despicable Me cake so we went with that theme for his party.  His birthday actually fell on a Saturday so we were able to have his party on his birthday and invite my family and one friend, our next door neighbor.  

My mom usually takes the boys the first Friday of the month for a sleepover so that Connor and I can have some time together.  We ended up going to bed and I woke up at 3 and couldn't get back to bed, so I just got up and started on setting up for his party and making the cake.

After looking online at different ideas, I decided on a Minion cake, thinking it might be the easiest to make.  Then we tried Minion cupcakes using Twinkies.  Only one problem.  Twinkies don't exsist anymore.  Connor told me he saw some knock-offs in a gas station of all places.  After looking in several other stores to see if they carried knock-offs, I ended up at the gas station.  At least I had to get gas too.  

I'm not usually one to have games at parties, but I knew Cason would like it and the ones I found online seemed pretty easy, so we did two games, plus a picture op in the Box of Shame.  I showed Cason the games a few days before and he was really excited so I was glad to do it.  

Once the boys were dropped off at home and we showed Cason around the house and the cake and he got to open up a few presents.  


For lunch, he decided on The Habit.  


My mom said he hadn't gotten the best nights sleep so of course he needed his nap.  But once he woke up it was almost party time.  We started out taking pictures in the Box of Shame (from the movie).


The boys played the two games and got prizes.  It was pin the minion on the moon and throw balls to knock over cups that was supposed to be similar to the carnival game in the movie.


While we were waiting for the pizza, we had him open his presents.  He was so excited and loved it all.


We ate dinner and then did the cake.  


This browser cannot play the embedded video file.

After the cake, we opened up the toys so he could play.  They were getting good use, even from the adults.

IMG 3853

He had a really good time!

Here are some of the things I want to remember about newly turned three year old Cason:

-He was 28 1/2 lbs at his doctor appointment a couple days after his birthday.  That is 16th percentile.  
-He was 35 inches tall which is 3rd percentile.  Obviously, small for his age.  The doctor said she isn't too concerned since he has been following this general growth rate but she does want us to get a growth check in 6 months.  It makes me sad that he's a little guy but maybe it's because he has such a BIG personality.  
-His blood pressure was 107/60 if that means anything to anyone.  
-Even though he is small, he is the best eater.  He will try ANYTHING and likes almost everything.  He and I went on a lunch date and had sushi.  He even liked a lot of it.  
-Cason is pretty good for other people.  He usually will be obedient when they ask him to do something.  But if his parents ask him, forget it.  Just today I asked him not to touch something with his sticky hands.  Not only did he not obey, but he wouldn't stop when I kept asking him.  Just kept touching while I am asking.  The only thing that seems to get him to be obedient is threats or bribes.  I hate that.  But hopefully that won't last forever.
-Cason speaks really well for his age.  Sometimes he talks a little too much.  He asks questions constantly and is really aware of what is going on around him.  He always wants to know what Connor and I are talking about.  He undestands a lot of social situations and so I see his feelings getting hurt by things that some kids might not even pick up on.  
-It seems since he turned three he has several tantrums a day.  Maybe it's not dfferent but it feels different.  I have come up with a way to stop the tantrums (from either boy, actually).  I take a video of them throwing their fit for a minute or two.  Then I ask if they want to watch it and they almost always say yes.  (They LOVE watching videos).  They are calm while they watch, sometimes it makes them laugh.  Sometimes they see that they weren't behaving very well, and I would say I have had 99% success rate of this completely stopping the tantrum and the boys then speaking to me nicely about what they want. And now I have lots of evidence to show them of their behavior when they have kids of their own.  
-He is mostly potty trained.  I say mostly because I still have to help him wipe and sometimes help him take his pants off.  But he wears underwear 100% of the time and very rarely has an accident.  Considering we hadn't even attempted to potty train Corbin at this age, we are very happy with where we are with him.  Even though I still have a kid in diapers, it almost feels like I don't because big kid poop is so different than baby poop.  

Here are the birthday questions I asked him the day before he turned 3.  My thoughts are in parentheses.

1.  What is your favorite color?  Purple (I think he said this because we had been listening to Kinsley's toy talk about her favorite color being purple.  I would say his favorite color is blue or green or orange.)
2.  What is your favorite toy?  Snacks  (This is the play food we have that he calls the snacks.)
3.  What is your favorite fruit?  Apples 
4.  What is your favorite TV show?  Despicable Me (My kids don't know the difference between movies and TV shows.  They get to watch a variety of those on different devices: TV, iPad, iPhone, etc.)
5.  What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?  Pizza (This is correct.  He could have also said hot dogs or cheeseburgers.)
6.  What is your favotite thing to wear?  Thomas shirt (He never seems to have a preference so this is as good of an answer as any.)
7.  What is your favorite game?  Spiderman Dominos (He had just played with it when I asked him the question.  He probably should have answered Zingo Bingo.)
8.  What is your favorite snack?  Goldfish  (He should have said Seaweed.)
9.  What is your favorite animal?  Zebra (I never knew this.)
10.  What is your favorite song?  I Am a Child of God (This is what he always requests before bed.)
11.  What is your favorite book?  Shrek  (He has just gotten this Look and Find Shrek book and he LOVES those kind of books.)
12.  Who is your best friend?  Corbin  (I, of course, LOVE this answer!)
13.  What is your favorite cereal?  Crunch Berries 
14.  What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Go to the playground
15.  What is your favorite drink?  Water
16.  What is your favorite holiday?  Happy Hollow (Once I explained what a holiday was then he said, Christmas.)
17.  What do you like to take to bed?  Mickey
18.  What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  Waffles
19.  What do you want for dinner on your birthday?  Despicable Me cake
20.  What do you want to be when you grow up?  Spiderman

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