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Cason Is Growing

Our little man had his 2 year check up today and so I thought I'd share his stats and the new ways he is growing and changing.  

Cason is:

-24 lbs 10 oz, 12th percentile  (At 18 months he was 10th percentile)
-32 3/4 inches, 12th percentile (At 18 months he was 5th percentile)
-a pretty good eater.  He has gotten less picky as he has gotten older and will usually eat most of his dinner and try anything new that is put in front of him.  I think his favorite food is hot dogs, because that is always what he wants when I ask him what he wants for dinner.
-a MESSY eater.  He can eat something that I think he couldn't possibly make a mess with and he ALWAYS will.  The other frustrating thing is that he likes to throw food and dishes on the floor.  It doesn't matter what I say, he will not stop doing it.  It's very, very annoying.
-is not cautious, like his brother, except when it has to do with heights.  For some reason, Cason is extremely scared of heights that have no barrier around them. For example, when I set him on the counter, even if I am holding on to him, he freaks out.  
-drinking from a cup and using utensils well.
-talking a lot.  We especially love the prayers he says.  Usually consists of "name of Jesus Christ, amen."  But occasionally he'll add in "blessings, nice".
-a helper.  Or at least he tries.  He really likes to help make dinner, put away dishes, start the dishwasher, clean up spills (which may be one reason he spills on purpose ALL the time), throw things in the garbage, and any other chore I can come up for him.  While it's not really that much help, I've found that letting him do those things actually helps me get other things done quicker since he is not crying at my feet.
-a little bit of a manipulator.  He can get Corbin to do stuff for him.  For awhile, Cason would always ask Corbin to go get him a binky which he is not supposed to have excpet for nap and night time.  For some reason, Corbin will do almost anything Cason asks of him no matter the consequences to himself.
-a cuddler.  He is always giving HUGE hugs and kisses mostly whenever I ask him for them.  One of my most facorite times is when Cason hasn't seen Corbin in some amount of time (like when he's at school, or during naps) and Cason will just run up to Corbin and wrap his arms around him and excitedly say "CORBIN!" 
-showing interest in potty training.  He went pee on the potty for the first time a couple months ago.  He just told Connor he needed to go, so he went.  Now, he will always go before bath.  We aren't fully invested in completely traning him yet.  I think one, is that he seems too young still and two, he's really small and can't climb on the potty yet.  And I'm not sure he's really mastered how to hold it for any length of time.
-generally a good and happy little boy.  He is 2 now, so of course he has his moments, but we love him and couldn't imagine life without him.


P.S.  At the doctor, we also had her take at look at Cason's hand.  She said to stop bandaging it at home and that it should start healing pretty well.  She says the scar will look better in 3 months, and then again in 6 months so it might take awhile for it to be gone but she thought the majoriy of it won't scar.  And she reminded us that scars are cool on boys!  

Cason Turns 2!

Today is Cason's 2nd birthday.  Connor and I were talking this morning how it's hard to believe he is already 2 and we can't believe he is only 2.  Sometimes he seems so much older but the time has gone just too fast that how can he ALREADY be 2.  Either way, it is pretty exciting to have a birthday in our house.

Connor and I put up decorations, balloons, streamers, and banners the night before so Cason would have something fun to wake up to in the morning.  

Corbin, Connor and I went in to get Cason in the morning singing him "Happy Birthday".  For some reason, he acted all shy and turned away from us.  Corbin ran downstairs and told Cason about the balloons and that got him really excited.  I have never seen two boys so excited for balloons.  

We let Cason open two of his presents and then ate breakfast.  Connor got some Donettes as a special birthday treat.  

After dropping Corbin off at school, we went to pick up the last few ingredients for Cason's cake (I thought I had powdered sugar but I was all out) and then we headed off to Cason's Little Gym class.  It's hit or miss with if he likes it on a particular day, but luckily today he liked it.  

After picking up Corbin, we went to eat lunch with dad at the Greek place we like.  Cason said he wanted pizza but since we are having pizza for dinner, we decided it would be okay not to go where he chose and instead go a place where he can have chicken nuggets and french fries.  

During naps, I attempted to make Cason's cake.  Cason actually told me he wanted cupcakes instead of a cake, so that's what I did.  As usual, I researched what I wanted to make and mine never turn out exactly like the pictures.  But my test is, if the kids know what it is supposed to be, then I call it a success.  Cason didn't know but Corbin instantly did.  So I guess that's a half success?  (In case you can't tell, it's supposed to be Elmo and Cookie Moster.)

For dinner we had pizza and then some of my family came over for cake and presents.  I love Cason opening presents since he says "WOW" to everything.  At first Corbin asked if he could have some presents too, but when we told him it was Cason's birthday he was perfecly fine with that.  Corbin would be geuninely excited for Cason.  He would say something like, "Oh cool, Case.  Look you got a cool scooter".  That was fun to watch.  

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We sure love our Cason!

Our Family Of 4...

will soon be a family of 5!  We will be having a little one due around June 30th of this year!  Because of what happened last time, our doctor wanted us to come in right away.  He did an ultrasound around 5 or 6 weeks.  He said there is a halo that you can sort of make out something, but it looks pretty empty to me.

The next ultrasound was around 10 weeks and you can see a little more, but it is still pretty tiny.

Of course, the first several months were pretty miserable.  I feel like the sickness started earlier than with Corbin or Cason, but it seems to have ended earlier.  I just am not a person that likes being pregnant so I really felt out of it for awhile.  

There are a couple stories that I wanted to remember from the beginning of this pregnancy.  The first one is about my kids.

Sometimes as the pregnant one, it feels as if you are the only one going through something hard because it's happening to your body.  Obviously, the effects of mom not feeling good travel through the rest of the family.  When I was pregnant with Cason, Connor would make me breakfast in bed every morning while I was sick so I could at least try and get some kind of nutrition in my body before the day started.  Connor continued that this time.  Only thing different was the delievery.  This time he sent Corbin (and then eventually Cason too) to bring me my breakfast in bed.  I LOVED it so much that I told Connor to keep sending them up even after I didn't need it until I remembered to get a video of it.  Here's the last time I had my breakfast in bed, made by my awesome husband and brought to me by the cutest kids.

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Corbin would usually be the first one through the door just because he is faster at climbing the stairs.  One morning, though Cason was the first one with his tupperware container of milk for cereal.  I asked him where Corbin was and he said "Corbin clean up".  I thought that meant that Connor had asked Corbin to clean up something downstaris before he brought me breakfast.  But then I thought I heard Corbin at the top of the stairs.  I went out to check and he had a plate of fruit and toast and bowl of granola.  On his way up the stairs the bowl most have fallen out of his hands and he was down on his hands and knees meticulously trying to pick up all the granola that had dropped on the carpet.  It was an impossible task but I found it so sweet that he was trying to still get me my breakfast.  I told him, that it was okay and we would get the vacuum to clean it up, but he wanted to make sure I had breakfast.  He even told me to go get back in bed so he could bring it to me there.  

The second story is about our decision to have another baby.  Since the ectopic pregnancy last January, I had been really nervous about getting pregnant again.  The risk of having another ectopic pregnancy is higher and I was just all around nervous.  That made me start wondering if we should have another one.  Connor and I decided it would be best to fast about it.  We picked the day and were genuinely sincere about it.  In the back of my mind I was worried that my fears would overshadow the answer.  Heavenly Father knew this, of course, and decided that I better have a VERY clear and obvious answer. 

We were sitting in Sacrament meeting and just as it was about to start, a friend's daughter came over to our row and sat with us.  She stayed with us the whole meeting.  This had never happened before or since .  About 15 minutes into the meeting, it sort of dawned on me and I think it hit Connor too because we looked at each other surprised.  One of us said to the other, "Well, I guess we have our answer".  But here we were with 3 kids on our row and it just felt like a direct answer to our prayers.  We knew what we should do.  I have never received an answer that obvious before but I know it was exactly what I needed at that time.

We are so excited to have another baby and know he/she will be a blessing to our family!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I can't believe it's 2012 already!

Our New Years Day was pretty low key.  Since it was Sunday, we got up and going so we could get to church.  It was a big day for Corbin.  He was starting his first day of Primary in the Sunbeams class.  I wondered how he would do since he had LOVED nursery and starting primary would mean sitting still a lot longer.  

Since I was also teaching primary that day, I was able to see how Corbin did during the first hour.  And he did like any other Sunbeam.  He was a little wiggly, enjoyed about half of singing time, and paid no attention during sharing time (but stayed quitely in his seat).  At the end of church he said he had a good time so that's all that matters!  Here  is Corbin before church!  My little Sunbeam!

For dinner that night, we had our sparkling cider since we were all too pooped the night before to actually have a toast.  I thought the boys were pretty funny trying their drinks.  They aren't used to the bubbly drinks!

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Hope everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

(P.S.  Since this is a new blog, the comments are done differently.  There weren't many comment options, so we went with commenting through Facebook.  Supposedly you can still comment even if you don't have Facebook, so I assume you can choose whether or not to be signed in.  Just a heads up.)

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