April 2018

The first day of April was also Easter.  The kids were waiting to go find their Easter baskets.

IMG 1795
IMG 1796
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IMG 1803

General Conference activities!

IMG 1805

And this has to be one of the most common Easter activities: eat the head off a chocolate bunny! (You thought I was going to say Easter egg hunt…)

IMG 1807

We did that too!

IMG 1809

My sweet Cason has had to take this nast medicine for a year and a half now.  As much as he hates it, he has gotten better at it!

IMG 1875

Corbin “flossing” while he is in the outfield!

IMG 5378

For Cub Scouts, they showed the boys the proper way to burn a flag when it is torn or tattered.  

IMG 1886

Corbin missed Cub Scouts for his game.  Look at that cool guy!

IMG 5401

I washed and folded some of the boys old baby clothes to pass on to Holly for Nate and it had me reminiscing about my small baby boys!  I could almost feel those chunky babies in my arms wearing these exact clothes.

IMG 1887

I got to drive on a field trip for Corbin’s class.  

IMG 1927
IMG 1929
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IMG 1953

Kinsley drew this picture and wrote this all by herself!  I loved it because it shows how excited we all are for upcoming trip!

IMG 1954

My kids don’t love homework (who does?) but I have to give them credit, especially Corbin, for just coming home and getting it done. Even when it takes longer because of a 3 page book report, project and presentation he has to complete.  Last year I had to sit with him more to encourage the work on reports.  This time, I gave him ideas of timing and he just worked on it himself and got it done 2 days before it was due!! I’m so proud of this kid!

IMG 1956

Aisling had her baby shower and I was so glad I got to celebrate with her!

IMG 1973
IMG 1975
IMG 2005
IMG 2009

Sleepy girl on the way home!

IMG 2011

But then we went to Great America because our nephew was here for school for a band concert!  We got to see him for a minute before he was off to the awards!

IMG 2012
IMG 2022
IMG 2028
IMG 2033

The next day was a Sunday and I felt we all needed to get out of the house after church.  My body, mind and spirit had been craving some nature and I thought it would be good for us to go on a little hike!

IMG 2040
IMG 2043
IMG 2053

We went to our friends house for dinner and  thought this it was cute when the 4 boys were begging Connor to go out and play baseball with them.  

IMG 2058

Kinsley came home from school with a stowaway in her lunch box.  She seriously brought a rollie pollie home from school.

IMG 2070

Corbin freaked me out with his tortilla face!

IMG 2081

At Cason’s game when Nate was getting ready to leave, Kinsley gave him a hug and then he just kept hugging her!  It was so cute!

IMG 2088
IMG 2090
IMG 2093

Playing with Nate!!

IMG 2149

And then……HAWAII!!!!!!

When we got back from Hawaii, i noticed these flowers in our backyard had bloomed!  I love spring!!

IMG 2861

The kids spring pictures!


We got a selfie walking home!

IMG 2871

I’m tired of being the mom that is just a drill sergeant barking orders to be on time for school in the morning and then to get homework done, eat a super early dinner to be on time for the various baseball games or practices or scouts or whatever it is.  So this one day after school, I took the kids to get ice cream and then walk around the pond at our local community center.  I think it was a nice break up of the monotony of the week and definitely a needed high after our awesome trip!

IMG 2880
IMG 2882

I loved this project Kinsley brought home from class one day!! Everything about it is just so cute!

IMG 2896

I told Cason to grab a few grapes for dinner and this was his idea of a few.  This kid LOVES grapes!

IMG 2920

What a great month!!

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