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New Years Tradition

One of our New Years traditions is to have fondue and to read the good things that happened thiat year from the jar we keep thoughout the year,   Because of trios and birthdays, we didn;t get to this tradition until a few days into the new year!

IMG 9491

IMG 9496
IMG 9500
IMG 9498

Here is what we read from the jar and who wrote it.  If it doesn;t have a name, it was me since I wrote the majority of them! Ha!

Kinsleys kindergarten graduation
Cason has had a great first basketball season
Going to alani-Cason
Turtle bay-Connor
Drinking my medicine quickly-Cason
Kinsleys 6th birthday
Ester-Cason (Easter)
Survived 3 kids in baseball
Skiing on NYE
Fun hike in st George
Corbins gold dust or bust performance
Lake Powell-ConnorLake PowellGreat America-Connor
Pupckin path- kinsley pumpkin patch
Cason turned 8
Cason chose to be baptized
Casons baptism
The kids and mom made it through 2 weeks of Connor in China
The boys doing awesome at cartooning
Parker’s wedding
Kinsleys dance for parents in December
Skiing in snow basin-Connor
Our cute Mary Poppins at Halloween 
Harry and Ron for Halloween
Hike with Corbin to castle rock-Connor
Fun Halloween parties
Kinsley doing awesome at soccer
Nate’s 1st birthday
Going to Utah for corbins birthday-Connor
Fun in Hawaii
Leaving to Utah-Cason
Dad safe in China
We booed the ondhias
 Made it through 2 weeks while dad was in China
Casons 8th birthdayFamily visiting for Casons baptism
Fun 4th of July
Boys cartooning class
Piano beach for Labor Day
Going to golf land-Cason
Great America winter fest 
Volunteering for Michelle’s campaign
Fun Utah visi
tJack 6-15-18
Cason field trip to bayland
Going to Disneyland with mom-Cason
Christmas Day with family and friends
Utah family visiting for thanksgiving
Corbins 10th birthday
Fantasy of lights tradition
Casons 8th birthday-Cason
Kids start school-5, 3, 1
Got lights and bathroom done
Lots of family visiting for Casons baptism
Trick or treating with friends
We were booed
Mom hosted great baby shower for Nathalie
Best Picts kins- kinsley
Connor made it home safely from china

Cason and Mom Trip

The time finally came for my trip with Cason.  Years ago, Connor and I decided that I would take each of our kids on a trip when they turn 8, he will take them on one when they turn 12 and then we will take one together (just parents and the one kid) when they turn 16. We are hoping they will feel how important they are to us when we make the effort to spend 1 on one time!

Cason chose Disneyland!  Wt took off on a Thursday afternoon and got to the hotel!

IMG 4122
IMG 4124
IMG 4125

Disneyland days start early and since we didnt want to waste any time at the park, we ordered room service!

IMG 4126

Cason loved the robe in the hotel!

IMG 4128

California Adventure was our first day!!

IMG 4129

Cason made a sad face in the Soarin’ line becuase he was sad about the space shuttle that crashed.

IMG 4130
IMG 4138
IMG 4142

So I don’t really enjoy Tower of Terror but now that it has changed to Guardians of the Galaxy, Cason really wanted to try it.  So this was just for him!

DCA GUARDIANSESCAPEARIDE 20180622 412112965231

We went to the library for Beauty and the Beast castle and Cason loved it.  I had never been there,

IMG 4152

One of our many churros!

IMG 4156
DCA ROUTE66 20180622 8242290890

I think this is Loki?

IMG 4174

We also saw Groot!

DCA HLWDCHAR3 20180622 8242321430
IMG 4191


IMG 4203

We wnet back to the hotel to have some swim time!

IMG 4205
IMG 4206

The dad of this little boy was clueless that I was trying to get a picture!

IMG 4213

So Pizar Pier was opening the next day and we made a conscious deciscion to miss out on Pizar Pier to avoid crownds.  

IMG 4217

Churro #2 for the day!

IMG 4219

We went back to the hotel and heard the fireworks from our room!  I have to admit I’m not a parade person.  

The next day was spent at Magic Kingdom!

IMG 4222
IMG 4225
IMG 4228
IMG 4240


IMG 4251
IMG 4253

Another ride Cason made me go on!

IMG 4256
IMG 4259

We got this picture for Kinsley.

IMG 4271
IMG 4272
IMG 4275
DLPCA DARKSIDE1CHAR 20180624 8242786244
DLPCA DARKSIDE2CHAR 20180624 8242789169
DLPCA LIGHTSIDE2CHAR 20180624 8242791875
IMG 4292

Cason got some attnetion from a storm trooper because of his shirt!

IMG 4298
IMG 4300

Churro again!

IMG 4305

Cason was exhausted so we went back to the hotel for bed time.  IN the morning we went to Sacrament meeting in an Anaheim ward and then started our drive back.  On the way home, I see smoke ahead of us.  Sure enough there was a fire on the side of the road.  It scared me for sure!

IMG 4308

Cason and I had a great time.  I do feel like it was a great experience for our relationship.  Because I had been on a similary trip with Corbin, I wasn’t under any pretenses that Cason was going to all of the sudden talk to me about stuff he doesn’t normally (something that I thought would have happened with Corbin).  So we were able to enjoy each other and have a great time.  He did miss his siblings a lot which I was actualy happy to see.  I love spending time with my kids and I cherish alll the one on one time I get with them!!

Kinsley’s 6th Birthday

It’s our precious Kinsley’s birthday!!  In the morning Kinsley got to see the decorations and open her presents!

IMG 3933
IMG 3946

After breakfast we went to the American Girl store so that she could use her gift card.  

IMG 3957

When we got home I started on her cake.  She had given me specific instructions on how it should look and even drew a picture.

IMG 3968

I think it turned out pretty good!

IMG 3959

And all Kinsley wanted for her birthday was to me not to do my workout and to have her friends over and watch Mary Poppins.  So that’s what happened.

We let pick out some candy and popcorn for the movie!

IMG 3969
IMG 3974
IMG 3978

They watched the movie and played and we ate some dinner.  Then Kinsley opened some presents!

IMG 3983

Time for cake!

IMG 3987
IMG 4008

Then making some bracelets!

IMG 4028

She had a great birthday and I was happy to see her get to do things exactly how she wanted!

Her doctor appointment went well.  She did fail her eye exam so I had to take her to the eye doctor.  The eye doctor saud that she needs to wear sunglasses with a slight perscription. So, for now that’s mostly what she is doing.

KInsley’s Birthday Questions

1.  What is your favirote color? Purple
2.  What is your favorite toy? Barbies
3.  What is your favorite fruit? Pomegrantes
4.  What is your faorite tv show? Elena of Avalor
5.  What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Pasta
6.  What is your favorite outfit? Dresses
7.  What is your favorite game? LOL Doll Game
8.  What is your favorite snack? Goldfish
9.  What is your favorite animal? Koala
10. What is your favorite song? Never Enough from The Greatest Showman Soundtrack
11. What is your favorite book? Jack and Annie (Magic Treehouse)
12. Who is your best friend? Sophie
13.  What is you favorite cereal? Honeynut Chex
14.  What is your favorite thing to do outside? PDraw
15.  What is your favorite drink? Milk
16.  What is your favorite holiday? Summer and my birthday
17.  What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Puppy
18.  What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? My mom’s German Pancakes
19.  What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Spaghetti
20.  What do you want to be when you grow up? A police, a mom and a chef

May 2018

I love spring time and I guess I was really into taking pictures of roses.  The first one from our backyard and the seond one from the neighborhood.

IMG 2956
IMG 2957

I loved this spring artwork Kinsley made!

IMG 2964

The boys had a pack meeting with on obstacle course that they had to tied to another scout.  I loved these two partners together!

IMG 2990

It was a warm day so we hit up the pool for the first time of the season!

IMG 3001

Cason had a lemonade stand with a friend!

IMG 3009

Corbin being a cool guy!

IMG 3010

Look at thise massice blackberry Cason found!

IMG 3036

Kinsley had her Mother’s Day celebration.  My last one! 

IMG 3064
IMG 3063

Celebrating Mother’s Day and my birthday!

IMG 8985

Kinsley as catcher! Cutness overload!


I was realizing I don’t have a ton of pictures of Corbin smiling at the camera and he fought me on it but I was able to get it!

IMG 3155

We wen to the kids Open House and got pictures of them with their teachers.  Of course, one of all the kids with mr. Hugo.

IMG 3150
IMG 3147
IMG 3143
IMG 3145

Ok, so one day, Corbin came home from school saying his wrist hurt and that he fell backwards while playing four square and hurt his wrist when he caught himself.  Well, I didn;t think of it much but then someone told me I should probably take him in.  So I did, AND HE BROKE HIS WRIST! Crazy.  There went the rest of his baseball season.

IMG 3230

Corbin had a lit fair where he had to do a presentation on a book he read.

IMG 3235

The 2nd graders got to come walk around the fair so Cason was able to see Corbin’s.

IMG 3245

THis was the first year both boys were Scouts to do the flags on the graves for Memorial Day.

IMG 3262
IMG 3271
IMG 3273
IMG 3289
IMG 3286

After the flags, we went and got lunch and Corbin wanted this HUGE hamburger.  He’s definitely starting to show teenager signs! Yikes!

IMG 3293

Then we went to Academy of Science for a bit. They kids were loving the check out the specimen room this time!

IMG 3295
IMG 3301
IMG 3297

We had dinner up in the city with my family!

IMG 3303

Kinsley loves being like a little mother to Nate!

IMG 3315

This is one of my most favorite sights.  The kids using the reading room the way I wanted it used!

IMG 3325

I got to go on a field trip with Kinsley’s class to the bay!

IMG 3353
IMG 3357
IMG 3382
IMG 3394


IMG 3537

Oh and lots and lots of baseball!

IMG 3440
IMG 3416

Another great month!

April 2018

The first day of April was also Easter.  The kids were waiting to go find their Easter baskets.

IMG 1795
IMG 1796
IMG 1800
IMG 1803

General Conference activities!

IMG 1805

And this has to be one of the most common Easter activities: eat the head off a chocolate bunny! (You thought I was going to say Easter egg hunt…)

IMG 1807

We did that too!

IMG 1809

My sweet Cason has had to take this nast medicine for a year and a half now.  As much as he hates it, he has gotten better at it!

IMG 1875

Corbin “flossing” while he is in the outfield!

IMG 5378

For Cub Scouts, they showed the boys the proper way to burn a flag when it is torn or tattered.  

IMG 1886

Corbin missed Cub Scouts for his game.  Look at that cool guy!

IMG 5401

I washed and folded some of the boys old baby clothes to pass on to Holly for Nate and it had me reminiscing about my small baby boys!  I could almost feel those chunky babies in my arms wearing these exact clothes.

IMG 1887

I got to drive on a field trip for Corbin’s class.  

IMG 1927
IMG 1929
IMG 1931
IMG 1953

Kinsley drew this picture and wrote this all by herself!  I loved it because it shows how excited we all are for upcoming trip!

IMG 1954

My kids don’t love homework (who does?) but I have to give them credit, especially Corbin, for just coming home and getting it done. Even when it takes longer because of a 3 page book report, project and presentation he has to complete.  Last year I had to sit with him more to encourage the work on reports.  This time, I gave him ideas of timing and he just worked on it himself and got it done 2 days before it was due!! I’m so proud of this kid!

IMG 1956

Aisling had her baby shower and I was so glad I got to celebrate with her!

IMG 1973
IMG 1975
IMG 2005
IMG 2009

Sleepy girl on the way home!

IMG 2011

But then we went to Great America because our nephew was here for school for a band concert!  We got to see him for a minute before he was off to the awards!

IMG 2012
IMG 2022
IMG 2028
IMG 2033

The next day was a Sunday and I felt we all needed to get out of the house after church.  My body, mind and spirit had been craving some nature and I thought it would be good for us to go on a little hike!

IMG 2040
IMG 2043
IMG 2053

We went to our friends house for dinner and  thought this it was cute when the 4 boys were begging Connor to go out and play baseball with them.  

IMG 2058

Kinsley came home from school with a stowaway in her lunch box.  She seriously brought a rollie pollie home from school.

IMG 2070

Corbin freaked me out with his tortilla face!

IMG 2081

At Cason’s game when Nate was getting ready to leave, Kinsley gave him a hug and then he just kept hugging her!  It was so cute!

IMG 2088
IMG 2090
IMG 2093

Playing with Nate!!

IMG 2149

And then……HAWAII!!!!!!

When we got back from Hawaii, i noticed these flowers in our backyard had bloomed!  I love spring!!

IMG 2861

The kids spring pictures!


We got a selfie walking home!

IMG 2871

I’m tired of being the mom that is just a drill sergeant barking orders to be on time for school in the morning and then to get homework done, eat a super early dinner to be on time for the various baseball games or practices or scouts or whatever it is.  So this one day after school, I took the kids to get ice cream and then walk around the pond at our local community center.  I think it was a nice break up of the monotony of the week and definitely a needed high after our awesome trip!

IMG 2880
IMG 2882

I loved this project Kinsley brought home from class one day!! Everything about it is just so cute!

IMG 2896

I told Cason to grab a few grapes for dinner and this was his idea of a few.  This kid LOVES grapes!

IMG 2920

What a great month!!

Hawaii 2018

The kids had been asking for years if we would take them to Hawaii, so we decided that this would be the year.  The kids spring break fell late enought that we found good deals so it worked out great!  

Heading to security!

IMG 8796

On the plane!

IMG 2156
IMG 2157

We got our car rental and headed to the North Shore!  The mountains were green and wet and beautiful!

IMG 2159

We stopped for lunch and there was beauty right behind us!

IMG 2166

Kinsley started complaining of not feeling well while we were driving and I was concerned she might be feeling sick and then she fell asleep!

IMG 2168

We got to the hotel and Kinsley still was cranky and lethargic and my dreams of a nice relaxing vacation were starting to disappear.  I thought we would be nursing a sick girl most of the vacation.  

While we waited for our room to be ready, we headed to the hammocks that were all out front of our room.

IMG 2173
IMG 2174

Connor snuggled Kinsley on one as well!

IMG 2177

And then maybe it was the nice Hawaii air, but she started to perk up and get happy and was great the rest of the vacation!!  I found the flower just sitting on the ground and she loved it being in her hair!

IMG 2181

And of course, being silly putting it on Connor!

IMG 2189
IMG 2184 2

We went down to the beach to check out the water!!  Kinsley was in heaven.  

IMG 2192

Climbing some trees!!

IMG 2205

We got our first leis.

IMG 2200

More beach exploring!

IMG 2221
IMG 2223
IMG 2236

Then we needed to check out the pool!

IMG 2249

I did not got in the water.  The weather when we first got there was not great.  I guess it had poured rain the night before we got there and a lot of houses were severely damaged.  So while it wasn’t freezing, it definitely did not feel warm out and the pools and water were cold.

That night for dinner we went to a popular shrimp food truck and got some shrimp, barbequed corn on the cob, and some shaved ice.

IMG 2255
IMG 2258
IMG 2260
IMG 2261

Then we all went to bed early since it felt so late for us!

Even though church started at 8am the next morning, we were all up early and ready in plenty of time to lounge around lazily!

IMG 2263

Or to do some hula!

IMG 2264

Our room!

IMG 2272

Sacrament meeting was right next to the temple, so we walked over to the temple!

IMG 8811
IMG 8821

We walked behind the temple at the suggestion of my mom and found this awesome tree she described!!

IMG 8827
IMG 8842
IMG 8860

We then headed to a family friend of mine growing up and stopped for lunch on the way! This dock was just down the stairs from our table!  Supposedly this water is usually a crystal clear blue but since the rains that had happened it was muddy and murky.  It was still beautiful to us though!

IMG 2283

Another napping Kinsley!

IMG 2286

Dinner at the hotel!

IMG 2290

I thougt it was so funny that Kinsley had completely unpacked her stuff and helped herself to the drawer space!

IMG 2291

We heard about a great bakery near us that had a chocolate coconut pie so we thought we better try it out!

IMG 2292
IMG 2296

The pie was definitely as delicious as we heard!!

We then drove to the beach to see some turtles!  It was a little too early to see them but the kids had fun playing in the waves anyway!

IMG 2308

IMG 2313

Then we went on a walk to a waterfall.  We read that you can swim in the water near the waterfall so we wore our swimsuits but when we got there they had closed the swimming part due to the rains.  The walk was through the botanical gardens so it was just beautfiful!

We saw a hen with her chicks.  I just noticed that the hen is looking straight at the camera!

IMG 2316

And then a peacock!

IMG 2322
IMG 2323
IMG 2326

At the waterfall!!

IMG 2328
IMG 2333
IMG 2337

There was a section of the gardens that had some Hawaiian games.  The kids were really getting into the Hawaiian checkers!

IMG 2339

Then we stopped for som of the famous shaved ice at Matsumoto’s! I heard that the line can be crazy but maybe because it was so early, our line was like 2 minutes!

IMG 2342
IMG 2345
IMG 2346
IMG 8866

Then we headed to the Polynesian Cultural Center!  The kids were excited to get their passports stamped to get a prize at the end.

IMG 2351
IMG 2357
IMG 2367
IMG 2372
IMG 2383
IMG 2397
IMG 2400
IMG 2401
IMG 2418
IMG 8874
IMG 2424
IMG 2430
IMG 8875

It was a late night but (most) of us made it through!

We woke up and were moving on to our next hotel!! Aulani!  We stopped at the Dole Plantation on our way!  

IMG 2431
IMG 2440
IMG 2434
IMG 2451
IMG 2452
IMG 2455
IMG 2468
IMG 2465
IMG 2446
IMG 2472

Then we made it to Aulani!!

IMG 2479

The kids thought it was so cool to have our name on the TV when we got to our room!

IMG 2482

Swimsuits on first thing!

IMG 2483

We checked out the pool then the beach!!

IMG 2504
IMG 2500
IMG 2509

On our way back to our room we saw Moana!

IMG 2550
IMG 2538

We didn’t get tickets from the luau at the hotel but we had a view of it from our room every night!

IMG 2553

We did a character breakfast the next morning and met Mickey on the way in!

IMG 2571
IMG 2563

Kinsley was excited to see Minnie!

IMG 2575

And then Pluto!

IMG 2591

They found the Stitch statue!

IMG 2612

Then we had to do some pool time!!

IMG 2617
IMG 2625

We took the kids to the kids club and they loved it.  They never wanted to leave but we did pick them up when we missed them!!

IMG 2640
IMG 2642

More pool time!!

IMG 8881

We went to a nice dinner at the hotel!

IMG 2658
IMG 2650
IMG 2651

The boys loved the robes that were provided!

IMG 8886

Hanging out at the pool.  This was our normal spot most days! Hot tub to the back, pool and ocean to the front!

IMG 2772

Listening to some live music.  The woman signing is a friend of our friend that we visisted at the first of our trip!

IMG 2676
IMG 2677

And I have a million pictures of the end of this waterslide.  The kids (and Connor) must have done it a million times while we were there!

IMG 2706

That Friday was Connor’s birthday so he got to choose what we did that day.  We definitely did some water slides!  But then we decided to venture off the resort and head to Pearl Harbor and Waikiki.

At Pearl Harbor, before you get on the boat, you watch a movie telling what happened.  

IMG 2777
IMG 2776

So the boys seemed really affected by the movie and as soon as we got off the boat, understood the solemness of this place.  They immdefiately took off their hats on their own and held them over their hearts!  I was impressed with their reverance of where we were!

IMG 2798
IMG 2794
IMG 2795

After Pearl Harbor, we took an audio tour of a submarine.

IMG 8890
IMG 8894
IMG 8901
IMG 8907

Then we headed to Waikiki to go have dinner at Duke's.

IMG 8947
IMG 2800
IMG 2804
IMG 2805

The kids were dying to get in the water!

IMG 2819
IMG 2817

We took the kids to get some souvenirs at the market acorrs the street.

IMG 2833
IMG 2832

Our last full day we hung out at the pool and then walked across the street and got some dinner and ice cream.

IMG 2838
IMG 2845
IMG 2847

Connor got some pie to eat in bed!

IMG 2848

The next morning was our last few hours before our flight.  Corbin was the only one that kept all his Aulani bracelets so he had to go get his last one even though we didnt get in the pool!

IMG 2849
IMG 2852
IMG 2855

Good-bye Hawaii!  We hope to get back to visit soon!!

March 2018

Bedtime selfie with my boys!

IMG 1079

Baseball is starting!!! 3 kids, 3 teams!

Cason’s practice!

IMG 4861

Pinewood Derby for both boys!  

IMG 1179
IMG 1186
IMG 1188
IMG 1202
IMG 1177
IMG 1172

Connor talking to the kids before bed!

IMG 1205

Kinsley looked so old in her active wear! (Check out the link…our family finds this video hilarious!)

IMG 1207

Cason finished his basketball season strong with mkaing a basket and playinf hard!!  I’m so proud of him!

IMG 1271

Corbin got a new robe!

IMG 1275

Opening Ceremnoies for baseball!

IMG 1286

Pi(e) day!

IMG 1351
IMG 1353

Baseball practices and games have been cancelled because of the rain so that meant Corbin could go on his hike for scouts.  It looked beautiful!

IMG 1423

St. Patrick’s Day dinner

IMG 1430
IMG 1433

Finally, Cason and Kinsley had their first game!

IMG 4963
IMG 5005
IMG 5072
IMG 5091
IMG 5119
IMG 5127

We took our Easter pictures the week before Easter since it fell on General Conference this year!

Corbin took this sibling selfie and it made me laugh!

IMG 1529
IMG 1561
IMG 5163

Easter egg dying.  This was the first year that Corbin didn’t really want to do it.  I made him!!! Can you tell?

IMG 1580
IMG 1588

Then Kinsley wanted to take pictures!

IMG 1603

She wanted me to take pictures of her reading a book!

IMG 5198
IMG 5203

Corbin has his 4ht grade performance!

IMG 5213

Corbin at his game!!

IMG 5219
IMG 5225


IMG 5268
IMG 5280

I thought the kids wer particullarly cute before their practices.  Also, all 3 practices at the same time at different fields! Yikes!!

IMG 1660
IMG 1664

Look at the hottest coach I know!

IMG 5359

I helped out with the Kindergarten egg hunt.  There were over a thousand eggs to hide for 14o Kinders!

IMG 1669
IMG 1677
IMG 1682
IMG 1713

Cason and I got to visit Nate!

IMG 1769

The first day of General Conference!

IMG 1773
IMG 1780

We got to watch most of the first session before our first game of the day.  Pretty much unheard of for us during the April sessions.

Now on to April!!!

February 2018

Doctor appointment=ice cream!

IMG 0340

More basketabll for Cason!

IMG 0377

The kids take off on their scooters!

IMG 0379

Superbowl Sunday!  Holly and I found it funny that she and I were in watching the game while our husbands were in the kitchen getting food together!

IMG 0385
IMG 0384

This was the weather…in February!

IMG 0386

Another field trip! (I feel like I go on one a month!)  This was one with Cason to the Baylands!

IMG 0388
IMG 0395
IMG 0403
IMG 0418
IMG 0420
IMG 0424
IMG 0435

Singing Happy Birthday to my dad on what would have been his 60th birthday!

IMG 0510

Oh goodness!  I had an ER visit! Boo!! 

IMG 0531

Homework time!!

IMG 0617

My pretty girl!

IMG 0620

Valentine’s Day.  Cason grabbed one of my roses from Connor and got in this position!

IMG 0632

I helped in Cason’s class!

IMG 0635

Then helped in Kinsley’s class!

IMG 0668
IMG 5036

Their party loot!

IMG 0706
IMG 0707
IMG 0712

Our traditional Valentine’s family dinner!

IMG 0717

Baby snuggles!

IMG 0745

Kinsley had a showcase at school to show the work her group did on making a map!

IMG 0768

Then our trip to Utah and celebrating Corbin’s 10th birthday!

Getting back from Utah was hard.  Luckily, we had all of Sunday to wind down.  A family movie night was in order!

IMG 0968

Kinsley pretending to sleep on a saw box!

IMG 0981

This has been far and few between so I have to capture when my kids are getting along.

IMG 0988

Corbin loves this cousin of his.  It seems to be mutual!

Why does time just fly by? But it was such a great month!

Utah February 2018

We wanted to fly to Utah but it wasn’t it the cards, so driving it was.  We left on Friday around dinner time.  Cason had an appointment with his neurologist and we left after that.  Some of the kids fell asleep on the way and some did not.

IMG 0776

Wed did stop at a hotel to get some rest before we drove the rest of the way.

We got in just in time to have a girls night of Cafe Rio and watching my niece dance in her performance.

IMG 0781
IMG 0782

 Sunday we went to church and got together for dinner and fun!  Sadie made Corbin some cupcakes for his birthday!

IMG 1643
IMG 0790

The next day was Corbin’s birthday!

On the Tuesday, we went and saw a morning movie of Jumangi.  We all really liked but the boys had really wanted to see this one:

IMG 0865

Then we headed over to look at some ski stuff.  Kinsley really liked this mannequin.

IMG 0867

We got together for dinner and then visited with Connor’s grandparents who were in town from Arizona.

IMG 0901

The next day was another day of skiing.  I’d rather not go into the details of how I did but here are some of the pictures!

IMG 0910
IMG 0903
IMG 0890
IMG 5433
IMG 1833
IMG 1848
IMG 1878

That night, all of us went to a place called Dartside where we just had a big nerf gun war.  It was pretty fun!

IMG 1917

The kids got to spend the night with cousins.  Matching girls!

IMG 8373

Then the kids got to see Nana and Papa for some fun!

IMG 1944
IMG 1946

Connor and I went to the temple since our temple is now closed!

IMG 8526

We ate at the Pie with some friends!

IMG 8667

The morning we left, we ate at Waffle Love!

IMG 0918

Then got back on the road! This is what makes driving easier…devices!!!

IMG 0920

We stopped at a hotel in Winnemucca.

Then back at it! Snow!!

IMG 0925

We had a great time together and as always it is so hard to leave.  

Corbin’s 10th Birthday!!

Our oldest child turned 10!!! I can hardly believe that I have been a mother for a whole decade.  Crazy!!  We were in Utah for his birthday and he really wanted to go skiing.  It also happened to be President’s Day so it was a little bit crowded.  But we were with lots of cousins and aunts and uncles so it was a blast!

IMG 0796

We got to Utah with 60 degree weather and woke up on Corbin’s birthday to snow! Perfect for a ski day!

IMG 0816
IMG 0802
IMG 0807

Play guess the Duke kid!

IMG 0823
IMG 0836

Since I cannot ski and take pictures (yet?) most of mine are when I’m not on ski’s.

After skiing, we met the family that couldn’t make skiing and went to Corbin’s favorite Utah place, Pizza Pie Cafe.

IMG 0843

His cousin, Sadie, made him cupcakes.  They were awesome!

IMG 0849

We had this whole upstairs room to ourselves which was good because of this…..

IMG 0861

While we were there, Corbin lost a tooth.  I didn’t even know he had lost one.

IMG 0863

Later that night, his cousin Allie lost a tooth!

IMG 0864

When we got back from Utah, we celebrated his birthday with my side of the family and I made him the cake he wanted: Black Panther themed.

IMG 1095

Carrying the chips!

IMG 1092

Blowing out candles!

IMG 1121

Birthday questions:

1. What is your favorite color? BLUE

2. What is your favorite toy? LEGOS

3. What is your favorite fruit? PEARS

4. What is your favorite tv show? NONE

5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? CORNDOGS

6. What is your favorite outfit? GIANTS COAT

7. What is your favorite game? LIFE

8. What is your favorite snack? Z BARS

9. What is your favorite animal? SNAKES

10. What is your favorite song? CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS THEME SONG BY WEIRD AL

11. What is your favorite book? DIARY OF AN 8 BIT WARRIOR

12. Who is your best friend? MY BEST FRIEND MOVED, KEVIN LEE

13. What is your favorite cereal? FRUITY PEBBLES, COCOA PEBBLES (ALL THE PEBBLES)

14. What is your favorite thing to do outside? 4 SQUARE

15. What is your favorite drink? STRAWBERRY FANTA

16. What is your favorite holiday? CHRISTMAS

17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? BOOKS AND MY 49ERS BLANKET

18. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? PANCAKES

19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday? CORNDOGS, BACON CHEESEBURGERS AND PIZZA PIE CAFE

20. What do you want to be when you grow up? COMIC BOOK AUTHOR AND VIDEO GAME TESTER

Corbin’s dr stats:

IMG 0980

We love this big 10 year old of ours!

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