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He studied acoustics at BYU and now specializes in fan noise as an Acoustical Engineer.  He served a mission in Zimbabwe and holds Africa dear to his heart.  He loves biking, skiing, playing and watching sports and spending time with his wife and sons.  BYU football is one of his most favorite things!  Go Cougs!


She's lived all over the Bay Area and although she was bron in Utah, she considers herself a California girl.  She has her dream job of being a stay at home mom and loves (almost) every minute of it.  She is becoming more domestic as she tries to cook, bake and digital scrapbook.



He was born in February 2008.  He loves throwing balls and rocks, reading and amazing his parents with his skills on the iPhone and iPad.  He has an amazing memory and often repeats talks, movies, and songs that he hears.  He loves being a big brother and is learning a lot in preschool.



He was born in January 2010 to loving parents and a brother.  He is happy when he gets attention and loves playing with his big brother.  He loves to read and loves anything that his brother loves.  He is often found giving hugs and kisses to his family who are more than willing to oblige.



She arrived two weeks early on June 16, 2012.  She is the best sleeper and is such a sweet, mild mannered baby.  She hardly ever cries and will let her brothers kiss and love on her without making a fuss.  She is loved by all who meet her and she makes her family very happy.

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